Welcome to Amherst Label. Please follow the quick steps below, and you will be on your way to label success!

Step 1 in processing your first order is getting you set up as a customer in our system. By answering the following questions, you will provide all the details we need to ship and bill your order. Please remember to hit the SUBMIT button after you scroll through and answer the questions.

Amazing labels start with the art. Here are the easy-to follow production guidelines to achieve the very best results. Click for a PDF to check your art and/or share with your designer.

Step 3: Amherst Label speeds up your first order by billing your credit card. Please click and fill out the First order Credit CARD AUTHORIZATION,(either in Acrobat or by printing and scanning), and return to Adrienne, your Accounts Receivable Specialist. If you have questions, please call Adrienne at 800.458.0777

If you answered that you would like net 30 credit terms, you can find our Credit TERMS APPLICATION by clicking here. It can either be filled out in Acrobat or by printing and scanning. And then please return it to Adrienne.

Adrienne can also help you set up ACH payments (which require credit approval). ACH payments are so easy and efficient that they are becoming a preferred method of payment.

Our new Siteline capability can make it possible for you to review your order history and label designs, place orders, and get tracking information online 24/7. Ask your Sales Coordinator for more information.

If you’d like to get to know more about your Sales/Customer Service person, click to read a Q&A interview.
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Congratulations! If you went through Steps 1-7, you are done! Welcome to the Amherst Label family and thank you for the privilege of working with you.