Nye Hornor

Nye Hornor, President

Nye says, “Turning around a job to help a customer meet a deadline or helping a co-worker come up with a solution is truly what makes my job meaningful.Read on to get to know a little more about Amherst Label’s Nye Hornor.

1) How would you describe your BACKGROUND?

I was in the food industry for almost 16 years, starting as a dishwasher and moving up to Food and Beverage Manager for a resort in Colorado. I worked summers in Maine as a kid and then worked after college (University of Vermont), before moving to Winterpark, CO. After returning to New England, I changed careers and moved into Label manufacturing—for the past 25 years. 

2) What would SURPRISE people to realize about you?

One surprise might be that I competed in the US Tennis Nationals at the 4.5 level in Arizona. My father was a professional tennis instructor when I was growing up, so I started playing when I was very young. I played competitively in high school and then took it up as an adult. I played my first US tennis Association match at the Winchester Tennis Center, the last place my father taught.

3) What is the most delightful part of your life OUTSIDE of work?

Watching my children grow up and play sports. I have been blessed with each child having a special talent and being able to watch them. Thomas played soccer, football, basketball and lacrosse all competitively. Carolyn has played soccer and lacrosse, dances, and now is acting. Hadley has played soccer, lacrosse, dances, and plays the ukulele. I really enjoy skiing with all of my family. 

Nye says skiing with his family is at the top of his list of things he loves outside of work. Here’s the Hornor family, left to right, back row: Carolyn, Nye, Angela, Thomas, and front row, Hadley.
4) What is your usual WORK DAY like?
My typical day in the office is providing support for the sales team and working on pricing for new and repeat customer orders. Each day is always a new challenge as customers have new requirements on materials or artwork that needs to be reviewed to determine the best avenue for the best value. Coming up with solutions is truly the most rewarding part of my typical day. On the days I am on the road I enjoy learning about people’s businesses and how Amherst Label can be a fit to assist them. I enjoy meeting people and developing long term working relationships… and in some cases, good friends.  
5) What is the most MEANINGful thing about your job?
The most meaningful thing about my job is my co-workers and my customers. As I mentioned, I enjoy working with people and making a difference, helping people succeed or feel a sense of accomplishment. It means a lot to me. I want everyone—customers and co-workers—to enjoy every day and live life to the fullest. Turning around a job to help a customer meet a deadline or helping a co-worker come up with a solution is truly what makes my job meaningful.

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