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Flexo Water Bottle Labels

Click for details about our Digital, Flexographic and Screen Printing capabilities

With recent upgrades to our prepress portal and our finishing department, Amherst Label continues to build our business on customer-responsive innovation.

Our Domino UV inkjet press is the only one of its kind in New England and produces consistently high quality digital labels at lightning speeds.

We offer 100% inspection in both our Flexography and Digital departments for quality without exception.

For a complete list of Amherst Label’s technical capabilities, please email.

Artists on staff

Our Prepress team of three talented graphic designers is experienced and highly skilled in label printing. The Prepress team works closely with our production teams to be sure your art creates the best possible results.

Prepress graphic file specifications

Please download our Art Specifications pdf for reference. With our new Hybrid interface, we work with 300 dpi pdf files (these can originate from Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop files). You’ll get all the details when you download the pdf.

There’s a lot to a label

There is, of course, a lot more to a label than the printed image. The design and information (copy) conveyed is one layer. But there is the stock to consider, the adhesive, and any varnish or laminate protective layer. Core size. Liner. Application process. All of these considerations guide the label ordering process. Click for 3-minute video HOW TO QUOTE A LABEL.

The importance of Copy Direction

How the labels come off the roll is critical to application. The chart below shows the variety of copy directions.

At Amherst Label. it is our job to help you through the ordering process. We have boiled things down to 20 questions that cover all the important decisions and get you the labels you want.

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award winner 2021

Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute Innovation Award

Amherst Label president Nye Hornor was named Business Leader of the year in 2021. Owner Nick Calvetti was named Business Leader of the Year 2019 Greater Merrimack Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce