Celebrating the art of the can

Photo by Bob Hug

The CANVAS opening on April 20, 2023, brought together artists, brewers, Amherst Label customers, suppliers, friends, neighbors, and employees in a fitting celebration of the art of the can. We wanted the work to reach the broadest audience possible, so everything is shared here in Virtual CANVAS.

If you would like to see the CANVAS exhibit, contact us and we will try to schedule an appointment for you to visit. Thank you!

Every label tells a story…. Click each image to read the artist’s story

The Breweries

Eighteen breweries (from six states!) participated in CANVAS. At the opening, beer from all eighteen breweries was served—in most cases, the actual beer/label that was featured—but in a few cases, a different brew from the participating brewery. Some epic beer runs took place in the days leading up to the event! And several of the brewers gifted their beer—which was entirely unexpected. Our friends from Talking Cursive came the greatest distance and were the first to arrive, delivering their beer from NY state. (A different take on Bring Your Own Beer.) The tastings were an enormous success—lots of happy guests trying new things and talking about what they were tasting.


The CANVAS Opening event was co-hosted by the Greater Merrimack Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce and the NH Brewers Association, the Maine Brewers’ Guild, the Massachusetts Brewers Guild, and the Vermont Brewers Association. Amherst Label is proud to support all of these groups, as well as the NY State Brewers Association and the Connecticut Brewers Guild.

These state stickers were created in our in our Screenprint department and decorated the tables at CANVAS. Free samples are available, while our supply lasts.


Feedback about CANVAS keeps coming in. Send us a comment at Shared here are some of the comments from attendees.

Thank you so much for honoring Concentric Brewing with a presence at CANvas. My entire time in New Hampshire exceeded my expectations. The open house was fun and the 4 by 8 foot charcuterie board was absolutely beautiful and amazingly delicious…. Please let that wonderful event coordinator know AGAIN for me what a great job she did! I can’t tell people enough about it back here. The hospitality in NH is awesome! So thank you again!

Dave Peichert, Concentric Brewing Company

Thank you for having us! The artwork display was beautiful, the food and drink offerings impressive, and the camaraderie was amazing! We really had a great time.

Jess Mead, Common Roots Brewing

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed viewing the brilliant artwork on display at your event. I think I need to start visiting the breweries and collecting the gorgeous cans! Thank you for inviting us all.

Wendy Mace, Hampshire Hills Athletic Club

Just wanted to say thank you again so much for including me in CANVAS and everything you did to make it a reality! The exhibit looks so beautiful, and I had the best time at the opening reception. It was so, so lovely to meet you—Please come visit the brewery some time!

Sarah Fenerty, Northwoods Brewing

Thank you to all of the artists, brewers, suppliers, employees, customers, neighbors and friends for the incredible encouragement and support we have received for CANVAS 2023. Would you like to see another CANVAS exhibit in 2024? Send us an email.

More about the background of CANVAS