The last 36 months have been the ultimate test of our ability to pivot. Innovate. Find alternatives. Build back-ups. And the challenge continues. Here are some ideas from the Amherst Label team on ways to PIVOT and succeed.

Paper liner material has become more and more scarce globally whereas clear liners are more readily available. It may be worth testing your equipment to see if you can switch to clear liner alternative.
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Some combinations of stocks and inks are so durable and shiny that a gloss varnish or laminate is really overkill. We can help you make this call.
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More about custom BEER LABELS

One interesting advantage of Digital presses is the ability to print Variable Data. This allows for numbering, different designs on the same roll to make a mixed pack, or producing multiple designs in one run for multi design/quantity discounts. Get samples

Matte lamination has become increasingly expensive and difficult to source, motivating us to try alternatives. Matte and textured varnishes are not only attractive alternatives visually, they can create the look and feel you want. Get samples

It’s possible that a simple one or two-color label design can be run economically on our Flexo presses. Flexo labels are very durable and look great. Choosing flexo can be beneficial, especially with large quantities. Get samples

Talk with us about creative solutions to your label requirements. Working with you to get the value, quality and turnaround you need is how we roll. Crisis is opportunity as they say. And time and again we have found that when we run into obstacles, together we can PIVOT and find a new route to the goal. MORE ABOUT OUR TEAM


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