Amherst Label wins TLMI Frosty Award

Amherst Label has won a Calvin Frost Sustainability Leadership Award for 2023. Presented by TLMI at their Annual meeting, the “Frosties” are awarded to label converters in recognition of increased sustainability in product development and operations.

Winning in the “Trailhead” category, Amherst Label was recognized in part for their new Label Liner Recycling Initiative. Spearheaded by Angela Hornor, Secret Lussier, Jack Kern and Jeannette Sanborn, the liner recycling program is growing steadily in its first year. Molly Atkinson, a Chemical Engineering student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, helped with data collection and calculations as part of a summer internship.

Amherst Label President, Nye Hornor, in regard to the award,

“It was an honor to accept the award recognizing Amherst Label’s sustainability efforts. We are motivated and excited to continue to build on the initiatives we have begun.”

Other steps taken toward increased sustainability include reduced solvent and chemical use in printing, and utilization of alternative energy sources. With 307 rooftop solar panels, Amherst Label has offset over 339 tons of CO2 emissions and generated over 565 MWh of solar energy.

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