Special effects for beer labels

Earn some cool points in the cooler by adding one or more of our special label options!


Label on a label? Piggyback labels are created by combining a layered material with a special die cut. The bottom label stays adhered to your can, and the smaller top label can be peeled off and applied elsewhere for a separate use. One of our favorite examples was created by Bissell Brothers and is shown below…

Bissell Brothers utilized a rectangular piggyback label on their Bastron cans to create a collectible trading-card style stickers series. The four different labels are printed in sequence along the same roll, allowing all four labels to be included in the same 4-pack.

Use piggyback labels to peel, place and promote, extending the life of your label.

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Feel it to believe it! Applying a varnish is an easy way to create visual and physical texture on your label. Varnish can be used as an alternative to lamination. Similar to a clear ink, the varnish is applied as a coating over the printed labels. Varnish can be applied as a “flood” which covers the entire label, or as a “spot” where the finish is applied on only part of the label. Spot varnishes can create contrast between the design elements on your label by having certain areas appear matte or textured and some areas appear glossy.

See below for an example of how Maine Beer Company utilized spot varnish on their Son of Sapping Mammoth label. This effect was created by printing white ink and digital process ink on a silver label material. The spot textured varnish was then applied over the white areas, giving a nice textured feel in hand, and leaving the metallic areas to remain smooth and highly reflective.

Varnish texture is best examined in person.

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Bring your labels to life! With the innovations from our friends at Fathom Optics, we can now create visual depth and movement in your label, similar to a lenticular effect. See below to compare our “Eastern IPA” sample label on white material vs the Fathom option.

Although the virtual example gives an idea of what is possible with Fathom, this effect is best seen in person, when it can be viewed from varying angles.

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Just for fun…

Labels in the wild! Amherst Label team members Nye Hornor, Jack Kern, and Thomas Hornor, demonstrate use of a Baxter Brewing Piggyback Label while at Sugarloaf Ski Area.