Special effects for beer labels

Now you can add never-before-seen motion and depth effects to your art, and your customers can experience it right in their hand on the label. 

With Fathom Optics special effects, beer labels take on dimension and motion never achieved before, at an affordable price. View full-size mockup

Whether on display in the store cooler or held in the consumer’s hand, a beer label can be as compelling as a billboard, as interesting as a book, and as beautiful as a painting in a museum. And now, thanks to an emerging technology from Fathom Optics and a special arrangement with Amherst Label, the beer label can shimmer and move like a video special effect.

Special effects for beer labels!

Maybe you’ve heard of “lenticular effect,” which creates a moving illusion as a patterned image is viewed from varying angles. Or possibly you are familiar with the term “moiré,” that swirly thing that results from two layers of silk moving against each other. The wizards at Fathom Optics have blended these two concepts and created a love child that creates lenticular-like movement with far less complicated prep work and no added cost for a lens or other consumables. And presto! Fathom Optics allows designers to create movement in sections of a beer label.

To illustrate, Amherst Label gave Fathom a label we created for demonstration purposes—the imaginary Eastern IPA using purchased art, modified. The faceted abstract mountains were a terrific base art for Fathom effects. The creative team at Fathom sent back art mock-ups for four possibilities. Our two favorites are shown above and below the original flat label. Link to full-size mock-up.


This effect, called “Northern Lights,” makes all the facets shimmer. The “Liquid Iceberg” effect above transforms the sky and lower mountains but leaves parts of the mountains normal for contrast.

Creates motion effect in beer label graphics

Fathom Optics’ treatment can be used to bring graphics to life, add depth and interest

Prep is affordable

Make it part of your brand image or use it for special releases

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Check out the Fathom website for ideas and background on this fascinating new technology.