100% Inspection

Amherst Label’s commitment to quality motivates us to invest in the best 100% Inspection equipment for our Flexo and Digital presses.

When every label must be perfect, the Amherst Label team is ready to deliver. We specialize in highly detailed, multi-color labels with blocks of fine print for the medical and pharmaceutical industries and others.

On press in our Flexo Department, in real time, our 100% Inspection System camera scans all output, sounds an alarm and flashes a signal if any aspect of the label manufacturing process is not perfect. The system spots skips (tiny ink voids), dust, over-inking and any other unacceptable result caused by environmental or production conditions. In the screen pictured at right, the one label with a discrepancy shows up in red so i t can be removed.

“Zero defects has to be the goal,” says Amherst Label President, Nye Hornor.

In our Digital department, our new Guardian 100% inspection system is state of the art (pictured below, right). It has “change on the fly” recognition so changing lots doesn’t require shutting down the press. It reads the bar code and compares the prepress art file to the printed label instantly.

Uncompromising medical and pharmaceutical requirements are met with tight tolerances. In real-time, a red light signals any defect outside of the established parameters, and the press operator can address the issue and take action.

By identifying poor print quality at the source, we can consistently put the highest quality products in our customers hands. Savings in wasted time and material are significant because any discrepancy—missing labels, trapping issues, “hickeys,” skips or any inking issues—are flagged and fixed immediately.

Amherst Label is proud to invest in 100% Inspection and offer this extra layer of quality assurance to our exacting customers.