Amherst Label’s “WHY”

We invite you to take a 3-minute look at what sets Amherst Label apart

Amherst Label has a “Vivid Vision,” or “Painted Picture” for the future. It is centered on our “WHY,” our reason for being, our purpose.

Our “WHY” is “We Help You.”

The acronym was coined the day our company president Nye Hornor expressed his hopes and dreams for the people of Amherst Label, and for customers who count on us to help build YOUR dreams.

Amherst Label’s Painted Picture is a video and document focusing on setting and reaching goals, aligned shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers, suppliers and employees. All working together to reach goals.

By helping our customers reach their goals, we are on our way to reaching our company goals for our employees and their families.

We look forward to hearing your goals, your hopes, your dreams.
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Amherst Label’s practice of developing and working with Painted Pictures was inspired by a speaker named Cameron Herold at a TLMI event. More about this Painted Picture’s back story

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