Amherst Label’s Painted Picture Vision

Introducing Amherst Label’s new plan for the next three years

Watch the 3-minute video outlining Nye Hornor’s vision of Amherst Label’s future.

In January of 2021, a quiet leadership transition took place at Amherst Label. Nick Calvetti who had presided at Amherst Label since 1981 shifted his role to retired president while remaining the company’s owner. Nick named family member Nye Hornor to the president’s post. Confident that Nye was ready for the job after serving as VP for 14 years, Nick left behind the day-to-day operations management.   Nye hit the ground running. The timing was perfect.

Nick Calvetti (right) passed the baton to Nye Hornor (left).

Amherst Label had just come off the biggest year in its history, despite the pandemic. A huge acquisition was being made: a Hybrid Digital/Flexo Press that required major facility renovations. And the company’s 3-year strategic plan or “Painted Picture” was ready to be redone.  

Amherst Label introduced its first “Painted Picture” in 2014 after Nye and his wife Angela heard Cameron Herold speak at a label manufacturing conference. Amherst Label’s second “Painted Picture” was launched in 2017. One of the first jobs Nye gave himself in spring of 2021 was creating the next “Painted Picture.” He assembled a project team of family members Angela, Nicholas and Ruth. (Ruth is an extended family member—Nye’s wife’s aunt.) Angela arranged a meeting at Coho in Milford, the collaborative working space with great creative vibes. Angela brought in a trendy lunch from the new Culture restaurant. Nicholas, who had just read Cameron Herold’s book set the stage. This picture, or “Vivid Vision” as Herold is referring to the plans now, needed to be Nye’s vision. Not a team vision, not a camel invented by a committee. But the vision Nye has in his head of how hopping, how energized, how efficient Amherst Label could be. The vision had to reflect Nye’s dreams, his commitment to Bucket Lists. His belief in the power of empowering people.

So the team listened to Nye expressing his hopes and dreams for the people of Amherst Label, and for the customers who count on us to build THEIR dreams. We agreed Amherst Label is true to its Mission Statement of helping people reach their goals and potential and of helping people in general. Nye’s enthusiasm for the Ted Talk about “What is your WHY” inspired him to point out that the initials to the phrase “We Help You” make the acronyms WHY.   And from there, the “Painted Picture” began to take shape.  

Nye and Angela are very active in their personal lives. They enjoy sports like golf and tennis. On their wedding anniversary, they often choose to hike a mountain. Vermont Mountains and Maines shore refresh them.  

Nye is a numbers person. He is not so much a writer as he is a maker of locker-room-coach-style speeches. The wording for the painted picture was easy—the fewer words, the better. The first draft was built around 18 key words. The final relies on about 31 impactful words. Not pages of drawn out ideas. Just short phrases to ignite action.


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