Amherst Label Liner Recycling Initiative

Sustainability. Saving the planet. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle. We all want to help. As part of our effort to increase our sustainability practices we are looking to launch a liner recycling program. The first step in designing the program is to gauge our customers’ interest in partnering with us to recycle label lining material.

Recycling liner is an initiative AL is excited to help facilitate to keep liner out of landfills. By completing this brief feedback survey, you will help us get this program started. Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to consider this initiative and how it could help our world, our businesses and our future. Please let us know your ideas as we embark on this opportunity together.

What is involved in recycling release liner?

• You have to want to help save the planet by promoting practices that create a circular economy and save money!

• You need to know what type of release liner you currently use. Paper or PET? These are the only two types of liner being recycled and they MUST be kept separate from each other.

• The liner MUST be kept clean and dry and pure. It is imperative that no other types of paper or plastics get mixed in with the liner. Any cross contamination or dirt can ruin the entire collection and prevent it from being recycled.

• The liner MUST be loose and not on the core.

• The release liner will be recycled at a facility in Salem, MA. All transportation costs will be covered by AL

• AL will provide a clean gaylord (bin) that is 48 x 48 x48 if you are a designated collection site.

• There is no commitment, we just ask that you fill the gaylord to the max, keep it clean and 100% pure from any other waste.

• If you are willing to be a collection location for your area for cores and either Paper or PET liner, AL would like to reward you annually as a thank you!

• This is a new process for us all, but we feel it is an important endeavor. We ask for your patience and look forward to your partnership and commitment in this recycling initiative.

*According to TLMI The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries has designated paper release liner as paper specialty grade 37-s in the ISRI 2022 Scrap Specifications Circular.