Refund Policy

Amherst Label has an ongoing commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is always to get the job done correctly and according to our customers’ exact specifications. We follow up with our customers to be sure their labels are accurate and to specifications; and, if there is a problem, we work together with our customers to rectify the situation. This includes re-running the job with new specifications if necessary.

In the rare circumstance when we cannot achieve the results our customer requires, we work together to agree upon a refund that satisfies our customer—either a partial refund, or a complete refund. A refund would be issued either by refunding to the customer’s credit card or, if needed, by corporate check payable to the customer. It is always our goal to maintain our longterm relationships with our customers, so in some instances, a refund amount could be applied as a credit to a future order.

We have no return fees but discuss responsibility for shipping charges and aim for a fair resolution.

We would discuss the rejected merchandise with our customers to decide if a return is advisable—to review the product to determine what went wrong—or if the shipment should be discarded by the customer.

Ideally, any review of a shipped order takes place as soon after initial delivery as possible, ie. within 30 days. Again, we always work toward 100% customer satisfaction.

Amherst Label has an ongoing commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.