Award-winning Labels

award winning labels

PINE Awards announced: Amherst Label wins Merit Award for Labels & Wraps Category

CSR Andrea Philbrick’s customer wins a Printing Industry of New England (PINE) Award of Excellence for the second straight year. Andrea is holding the clear trophy. The actual label is pictured above.

award-winning labels

Customer Service Rep Andrea Philbrick is a winner. Two years in a row, Andrea’s customer, White Coffee, has won a Printing Industry of New England (PINE) Award of Excellence. The label reads, “When coffee meets Hazelnut, magical things happen.” For Amherst Label, the label is magical in that it is a beautifully printed digital job. Solid black coverage + metallic stock + vivid colors with excellent registration = a magical result and another in our history of award-winning labels.

Q&A with Andrea

How do you feel about this label winning a PINE award?

I’m excited that we won with another White Coffee label. They have great graphics and it’s always a surprise to see how the finished product will come out. They are great to work with—easy going, great sense of humor. 

It’s always a great feeling to know that your customers are putting out a great looking label for their products.

Was there any concern about this label in production?

Not knowing what the final look was going to be, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be just what they were looking for. It was much better than I anticipated and they were thrilled with the label! They are very easy going and are happy with most everything we do for them. This one came out better than any of us anticipated.

At Amherst Label. it’s darn near impossible to stop producing work and take time to prepare and enter the PINE Awards contest. But our reputation as an award-winning labels manufacturer goes back decades and we are committed to continuing our streak.

PS Congratulations to our friends/neighbors at Puritan Press in nearby Hollis, NH, for winning Best in Show in the 2020 PINE Awards. We are proud to know you!

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