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Since 1978, Amherst Label, Inc., has been recognized on local, national, and international levels for providing superior product label printing services. Each year, Amherst Label reviews the jobs that we have printed, and enters our custom product labels into several competitions to see how we stack up against other label companies across the country. Our walls are lined with framed displays of our award-winning labels. We are proud of our exceptional quality work and the awards and accolades we have received.

Below is a sample of the recognition Amherst Label has received for its award-winning label printing capabilities, products and services.

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Award-winning innovation

Amherst Label was named the Innovator of the Year for the trademarked medical dosage schedule/reminder label pictured here. This label is applied to a prescription bottle. Two entrepreneurs with an idea and challenge approached Amherst Label. They needed our help to develop their idea into a useful product. Working together, a custom material was developed. This custom stock had complex adhesive requirements along with very particular liner specifications.The medical dosage schedule/reminder label continues to be successful. Do you have an idea that your would like to talk to us about? Email or call us today!



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