The original STOP/GO sign as featured in Anesthesiology, is now offered directly from Amherst Label

The Pre-operative Stop/Go Sign

The 8.5×11-inch* sign starts out all RED in a STOP sign.

Each section is individually peeled as procedures are completed.

When all Pre-operative steps are completed, the sign reveals a GO, visible from afar.


The Preoperative Stop/Go Sign is a highly visible, interactive checklist. A layer of adhesive stickers forms a red “STOP” sign, covering a backing sheet showing a green “GO” sign.

As each preoperative step is completed, the associated sticker is removed. Whoever removes the sticker can sign underneath, so that when the patient is ready for the operating room, each box on the “GO” sign contains a signature attesting to completion of that step.

Stickers peel away individually; several steps cannot be “checked off” simultaneously. As the sign transforms, it illustrates clearly the patient’s progression to readiness.

When all tasks are completed, the “GO” sign can be placed in the medical record. The sign is single use.

Read what the professional journal Anesthesiology published about the STOP/GO Checklist

Watch the 90-second video below narrated by Christopher W. Connor, MD, PhD