Solar-powered label printing: making labels with sunshine

Amherst Label solar panels environmentally responsible printing

Amherst Label’s commitment to sustainability continues. More about our current efforts.

At the time Amherst Label was founded, America was reeling from the 1970’s “Energy Crisis,” a dire situation which caused gas and electricity shortages and fueled interest in renewable solar energy, an industry in its infancy. 

Fast forward 45 years and Amherst Label went the solar route. A solar array of 307 panels was installed on the roof of the Milford, NH, manufacturing plant, a facility ideally situated with southern exposure, a flat roof and few encroaching shade trees. 

Solar panels are just one component of a commitment Amherst Label has made to sustainability and green printing practices. We are always on the lookout for ways to eliminate waste and improve efficiencies, including:

• Paperless data storage
• Recycling of paper, cans, bottles
• Carefully managing waste, including material used for print jobs
• Replacing fluorescent lights with LED lighting, which has a longer lifespan and no mercury