Q&A with Account Exec Jack Kern

1) How would you describe your BACKGROUND? 

1. Prior to joining the Amherst Label family I was a professional brewer by trade. I spent the last 11 years living in Salt Lake City, Utah working through every level of production brewing. Starting at the bottom, until I reached the position of Head Brewer. When not dedicating myself to making beer, I could be found supporting my industry fellows and their businesses. In addition to that I was often exploring the Western region while on various adventures. Whether via skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing or camping I was always seeking wilderness and access to remote locales.

2) What would SURPRISE people to realize about you?

One thing that may surprise people to know about me is that I love to garden, and in turn, to cook or ferment what I grow. Every year I plant a vegetable garden, primarily focused on cultivating heirloom tomatoes and exotic pepper varieties. Most of the tomatoes get eaten and prepared fresh in season. While with the peppers, I look forward to drying them for seasonings or fermenting and blending them into hot sauces.

3) What is the most delightful part of your life OUTSIDE of work?

The most delightful part of my life is time spent with my cat Harper and my family. A significant part of my joy is derived from Harper. She is a special creature and I am lucky to have such a sweet little animal in my life. I also delight in having the fortune to spend so much quality time with my family on the coast of Maine. We all cherish our time together there and visit as frequently as possible.

4) What is your usual WORK DAY like?

I am quite fresh to this new job, but I must say that greeting my coworkers every morning is something I look forward to and is always a great start. They are all so welcoming, dedicated and knowledgeable. The days are busy and full of learning opportunities as well as new insight and challenges at every turn. I have much to learn, but I keep my eyes forward and my mind open. I am looking forward to fulfilling myself and my potential here while contributing to the growth of this company.

5) What is the most MEANINGful thing about your job?

The most meaningful portion for me, having been from a production background, is being in a position to communicate with and aid our customers. We are here to help them achieve what they need and to provide solutions. Seeing our labels on their products out in the world and garnering feedback directly from them is truly invigorating.

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