Q&A with Sales Coordinator Andrea Smith

1) How would you describe your BACKGROUND? 

My background is kind of a mix of things. My first job was at a daycare, but I went from there to the food industry for a while starting in high school. Bussing table at T-Bones, pizza delivery driver and then 9 years at Burger King. I earned my associates degree in 2007 and in 2008 I started a job in customer service working for a company that made mylars and other products for the trophy and awards industry. And I have been at this amazing company since 2018! 

2) What would SURPRISE people to realize about you?

I can be quite crafty and like to teach myself how to do new things. Once I start a project, I have a hard time stopping. I also can’t wink. 

3) What is the most delightful part of your life OUTSIDE of work?

Most definitely, being able to watch my kids grow everyday and soaking up their sweet innocence while I can. We love going camping, swimming, and getting outdoors. My kids are the music of my life, and I am so honored to be their mom every day. And like any mom, I just hope I am doing a good job and raising them the best I can. 

4) What is your usual WORKDAY like?

My usual workday is typically quite busy from start to finish. Answering emails & calls, discussing various jobs with management to ensure we are choosing the best option for the customer, writing up orders, quoting jobs, etc. In my occasional down time, I am usually catching up on my filing and checking in with customers. 

5) What is the most MEANINGful thing about your job?

The most meaningful part of this job I would say is getting to know the people I work with, as well as my customers. 

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