Q&A with Sales Coordinator Andrea Philbrick

1) How would you describe your BACKGROUND?  

I went to school to be a legal secretary and couldn’t find a job that didn’t require a lot of previous experience so worked at Milford High School, an Insurance Agency and then after staying home with my daughter for a year I got a job at Label Art.  Worked there for 5 years and then stayed home with my son for a couple of years and then worked retail for a while before working at Atlantic Printing (offset).  After having working there I decided I needed  a change and asked if there was a position here and have been here ever since.

2) What would SURPRISE people to realize about you?  

I love going for rides all over the State and trying to find new towns I have never been to – I think we have hit almost all of them!  Also love going for scenic rides in Vermont and Maine.  I believe you should always explore your own back yard as we live in such a beautiful part of the country!  I also enjoy doing many different crafts – although lately I have gotten away from that a little.

3) What is the most delightful part of your life OUTSIDE of work?  

Kind of a little like the answers in the last question plus I love spending time with my family, my kids and 4 grandsons.   We always try to do things as much as possible as a family and makes lots of lasting memories for everyone!  Santa’s Village, Squam Lake Science Center, Friendly Farm, and York’s Animal Kingdom are all favorites (although with the boys getting  older we may have to find some “older” boys fun).   I also like to catch up on shows I wanted to watch but am too tired to during the week! 

4) What is your usual WORK DAY like?  

Filled with quotes, orders, emails, and customer interaction.  There always seems to be a new project coming through that entails lots of interaction with others to see how best things can be run, how we can accomplish some “off the wall” strange request that we have never tried before.

5) What is the most MEANINGful thing about your job? 

Interacting with co-workers and customers.  Sometimes it is a little crazy, but I enjoy the socialization.  There is always something new to learn and changes are being made all of the time.  Not always things I can agree with, but always leads to some interesting discussions!

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