Q&A with Sales Coordinator Maryann Hadley

How would you describe your BACKGROUND? 

I have been in customer service for 27 years and I still love doing what I am doing.  I started out in the finishing/shipping dept with another label facility and moved up from there.  

What would SURPRISE people to realize about you?

This a very good question…I think people may be surprised to find out about is that before I got married, I had planned on going to school for art therapy to work with the mentally challenged individuals. Also, I had a pastel drawing that I had done while in school – was sent to Washington DC and was on display for 4 months with Sen. Gordon Humphrey. I still have this drawing to this day.

What is the most delightful part of your life OUTSIDE of work?

I have to say watching my grandkids-Savannah, Jaelyn, Jameson and Bailey grow into their own person and be a part of their life. They give me the strength to keep moving every day. They are my greatest joys, besides my 2 daughters Amanda and Holly, my son Chris and husband of 37 yrs. Bruce. Making memories with them is the greatest time for me.

What is your usual WORK DAY like?

I am a customer service specialist…I do quotes, enter orders, assist customers with there needs and help them decide on what they need or want. Assist my co-workers and sales reps with whatever they are needing assistance with. I am the customer’s voice for their label needs.

What is the most MEANINGful thing about your job?

The most meaningful thing about my job is being accepted for me and my ability to be me and be part of a team and use my knowledge to assist customers as well as helping my co-workers. Being part of a team that works together is something that rare and special.  Also gives me the opportunity to “meet” new people and help them on their label adventures.

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