Creatively combating price and availability issues

Prices up / Availability down: It’s a challenge across the country. Here are some of the things we’re doing at Amherst Label. Image from Shutterstock

We refuse to give up on finding creative solutions for our customers.

The news is everywhere: Manufacturing has been severely handicapped by the pandemic’s effect on supply chains and delivery systems. We all receive emails about the challenges manufacturers are facing, affecting products from bicycles to paint and everything in between. Availability is down and prices are up. OK, we accept the reality but we refuse to give up on creative solutions for our customers.

Label stock deliveries are in some cases taking ten times as long as usual. But, there may be alternative stocks available that can do the job. Or, if you can anticipate your needs, we can order now for delivery in the future.

Here are some other creative possibilities for mitigating the effects of the pandemic on manufacturing.

• Larger orders may be shipped on shrink-wrapped pallets without costly carton packaging.

• If the maximum outside diameter of your rolls of labels has flexibility, increasing the number of labels per roll saves cores and finishing set-up times.

• Can your job run 2-across or 4-across? Can it ship 2-across or 4-across? This can save both stock and finishing rewind costs.

• Can you increase the quantity of your order? This can really help lower the cost per label.

While we all work together to navigate the supply chain obstacles, we suggest talking with your Amherst Label account rep or customer service representative to see if there is anything in your label manufacturing process that can be changed to save costs.

Maybe there is a more accessible stock that would work for your application. Or a lamination or varnish that would work better. Sometimes replacing lamination with an effective varnish can save costs.

If we question every part of our “business as usual,” we may find some way to streamline and save.

Your business is very important to us. Your success = our success! Let’s get creative and find solutions.

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