Custom Labels for Specialty Foods

A delicious product with a custom label brings joy to the world! Fills life with delight!

Family-owned since 1978, Amherst Label has been helping our customers create the face of their products for 40 years. Everyone wins when an excellent product has effective packaging and custom labeling—the producer of the product AND the consumer of the product. We all know how influential labels are at the point of purchase, instantly affecting buying decisions. Make your custom labels match the integrity of your contents by choosing Amherst Label to help you through ordering, design, application and delivery. Whether elegant simplicity or high shine and color is needed, let Amherst Label give your product wings. The right custom food label can make products fly off the shelf!

Looking for labels? Stickers, decals, tags or flexible packaging? Amherst Label is a leading innovator in specialty printing, on time and on budget. Longtime members of NH Made, Amherst Label (A LABEL for short) provides award-winning products with superior service at competitive prices.

Amherst Label can help you with almost all your label requirements, offering the following specialized products and processes:

• Instant redeemable coupons (IRC)

• Piggyback Labels

• Static cling window decals, double-sided window decals

• Barcoding, variable imaging, numbering

• Subsurface, adhesive and liner printing

• Nameplate and overlay panels

• Safety stickers

• Flexible packaging

• Floor graphics/screen printing up to 38”x46”

• 100% inspection

• Finishing per copy direction and application requirements

• Customized, economical packaging and shipping


• Up to 8-color printing

• 4-color process, Pantone® matching

• White ink, flo-coating

• UV and water-based inks

• Flexo printing up to 18” wide

• Application-specific adhesives and materials

• Extensive material selection including pressure sensitive vinyls and polyesters—clear, white and metalized

• Specialize in screen printing customer-supplied materials

• Foil stamping and cold foil

At Amherst Label, we have a simple philosophy: identify our customers’ needs and provide the solution. We take the pain out of label ordering.

Our triple-tech approach to label manufacturing is one way we can do this. We have three top-of-the-line manufacturing processes to choose from in selecting the best way to produce your job on-time, on-budget and to specifications.

Our award-winning screenprint department is legendary. Our flexo capabilities cannot be beat. And our new Domino digital department is game-changing. The highest quality printing, in ANY quantity including one! No plates needed, consistent. Affordable. Excellent.

But bottom line, our people—their knowledge, their attention to detail and their caring—are what set us apart. When it comes to labels, we really apply ourselves.

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