Celebrating the Craft Beer Industry at the Maine Brewers NE Brew Summit

Our banner reads, “You make beer, we make labels.” It could go on to say, “Together, we are all part of something wonderful.”

As a sponsor of the New England Brew Summit, Amherst Label exhibits custom craft beer labels and participates in classes, activities and the Winter Session Beer Fest. A great way to get closer to the customers we love.

“You make beer, we make labels:” Nicholas Kepka Calvetti and Ruth Sterling greet people interested in craft beer labels.While the boss was away last week, I got the nod to get off the bench and go to the Maine Brewers/Winter Session Brew Fest in Portland, ME. I am not a regular at events where our customers and customers-to-be gather, so it was a treat for me to leave the office and see the world through the beer mug lens, so to speak.*
Brew Fest = Love Fest. I know I loved everyone I had the privilege to meet. En masse, I found an incredibly warm, friendly, happy gathering of people with more than a love of beer in common. The joie de vivre the attendees demonstrated was irresistible.
Craft Beer Establishments Making the World a Better Place

Anthropologically speaking, brew pubs, breweries with tasting rooms, and similar establishments are of major significance in our times and geography. A small town where a factory has been abandoned by industry progression may be the chosen home of a hard-working brewer with ideas. The result can be a community gathering place, an employer contributing to the local economy, and a tourist draw which further boosts the economy. 
5,000 years of community buildingBeer is a social magnet and has been since its inception around 5,000 years ago. (If you ever want to get lost in time and space, google the invention of beer.) Beer tends to attract people, leading to discussion and the finding of common ground. Pour a glass, have a bite to eat, enjoy the company of a neighbor or visitor and the world is a warmer, kinder place.
Everyone Welcome!Brew Fests are not exclusive. In advance, I would have pictured young rugby types cavorting at the Maine Brewers event. I did meet one person fitting this description and instantly friended him on Facebook (so uncool—but I wanted to stay in touch and see where his career takes him). Not limited to the young, the festival was a mingling of every age over 21 and all genders (see, I can be hip). There were plenty of newbies asking questions as well as experienced fest-ers (I guess that’s not a term that will stick). 
At one point during our mind-expanding three days in Portland, I turned to my colleague, Nicholas, and said. “Next year, we need to rent a bus and bring the whole company up here.” 

*Refers to that old joke that the lad or lass at the end of the bar looks so much better when you guzzle a beer and view them through the bottom of the empty glass mug.

Thank you Maine Brewers for a great event.

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