CBD Labels, a customer story

Innovative CBD labels reflect quality CBD products

Rebranding RPM’s CBD product line called for custom labels with two special varnishes

Every label tells a story—RPM’s CBD labels have several stories to tell.

First is the success story of these high-end beauty products with the added benefits of CBD.

Next is the story of soft-touch labels that communicate product characteristics visually and by touch.

The usage suggestions printed on the label conjure stories of beaches, baths and relaxation:

Pamper yourself with this velvety CBD Body Lotion.

The natural moisturizers will leave your skin feeling amazing.

From the cold winters to sunny summer days.. ideal to soothe sunburns or help repair cracking skin.

And lastly, the QR code on the labels scans and links to CBD content certifications. This link builds consumer confidence by assuring quality and reliability.

CBD labels as differentiators
In the current market of green marijuana leaf labels, RPM’s distinctive rebranding sets their products apart. Amherst Label account exec Shane Beaton who works with RPM compares the clean look to BMWs. “The design says quality,” says Shane. “The soft-touch varnish gives a velvety feel to the bottle and when consumers pick it up, it’s more appealing than a plain label.”

CBD Label Stock and Special Treatments

RPM owner Craig Michaud wanted a clean, sophisticated California look and carried the design through to the materials. The labels are printed flexographically then a soft-touch varnish makes the background smooth and suede-like to the touch. The logotype pops with a high gloss varnish. For durability in bath conditions, like dropping a shampoo bottle in the shower, RPM chose Kim Dura Bopp polypropylene. The result is a label that is water-resistant and smudge-proof, projecting perfection throughout the product’s lifetime.

Craig Michaud, author of the book The Blueprint for Salon Management Success,produces a high-quality line of CBD beauty products and worked with Amherst Label for a recent rebrand program.


Every label tells a story—RPM’s CBD labels have several stories to tell.

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