Custom Labels for Gillies Iced Coffee on-Tap

Beautifully crafted labels for an innovative product line              Posted 3.30.15 RS

TapSMThis standout series of labels demonstrates two grounding principles of Amherst Label. Well, three if you count that coffee pun. 1) Roots. As a third generation manufacturer of the highest quality labels, we respect solid roots and believe in building on strength. 2) Wings. We are committed to innovation and breakthrough service and being “the best place to work and the best specialty printers.” 3) At Amherst Label, we are ready for a future filled with accomplishment and fun.


Amherst Label Customer Service superstar Andrea Philbrick pointed us to Gillies Website for this company history:

Gillies Coffee Co, established in old New York in 1840, has been a leader among wholesale specialty coffee companies and a direct from the roaster source for delicious fresh specialty coffee, green coffee, and tea for 175 years. Nine generations… after our humble beginnings Gillies Coffee Company continues our founder’s aspirations to bring coffees of outstanding cup quality to America’s table. We are grateful that through all these years you have appreciated our efforts. We are at your service. GILLIES COFFEE COMPANY AMERICA’S OLDEST COFFEE MERCHANT


In his delightful blog, “Coffee Diary,” Coffeeman, President and “head of the house” at Gillies, Donald N. Schoenholt (right), announced an innovative new product line, for which Amherst Label printed labels:

This month (March 2015) Gillies Coffee has introduced Gillies Coffee On-Tap at The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show in New York where it won an innovative product award. Available in several blends in both “Still” and “Stout” styles I have hopes that it will find favor among our city’s chef restaurateurs, baristas, and food & beverage managers.


At Amherst Label, we have white boards for anyone to write goals, thoughts, thank you’s and hoorays. The white boards are black with colorful markers nearby. Today we shout out “HOORAY” for Gillies Coffee On-Tap for their spirit of adventure and innovation.

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