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"We are showing that as a company we care about being responsible to the environment and to future generations..." Amherst Label earns LIFE® Certification as part of its sound business management.

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For Release November 19, 2015

Milford, NH. Amherst Label has achieved a certification which only 19 other companies* in all of North America have attained. In late October, the Milford manufacturer of custom labels, tags and flexible packaging completed the rigorous audit process required for LIFE® certification from TLMI, the professional association for Tag and Label manufacturers and suppliers.

LIFE®, or Label Initiative for the Environment, encourages applicants to measure and reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing. The certification program was introduced in 2009 as an audited process tailored specifically to the narrow web printing and converting industry. By examining all aspects of the member business, LIFE® shifts the focus from the bottom line to what is best for the business AND the environment. The program provides a framework for education and continuous improvement… from turning off excess lights to using thinner, lighter materials, to changing chemicals in use—either through reduction, elimination or replacement with a greener, safer alternative. LIFE® certification fosters an outlook of always being on the lookout for ways to protect the environment.

Amherst Label owner and President Nick Calvetti describes the benefits of LIFE® in a nutshell: “It’s good for the environment and it’s good for us!”

Although the process was arduous, Calvetti says, “Employees feel good about it. Less waste is a good thing and leads to saving money, which is a win win situation.”

VP of operations and sales Nye Hornor says LIFE® certification has been “a three-year journey of setting annual goals and accomplishing them.” He describes the process in one word: “Challenging,” and elaborates, “It has made us better in many different ways. We now do more documentation, tracking things that help us manage our business better. This has made us more efficient. But it also gets us to think outside the box. For example, could we use run-off water from the roof for an internal process or for our landscaping irrigation?” Reusing “gray” water is one aspect of the reuse, reduce and recycle theme promoted by the LIFE® program.

Both Calvetti and Hornor credit Jim Cutler, Amherst Label Manager of Purchasing and Facilities, for carrying the ball and reaching the LIFE® goal. Cutler did most of the prep work, data collection and analysis. His tracking and recommendations for improvement were acknowledged by the LIFE® auditor who spent a full day at the Milford plant in October.

LIFE® requires many safety, health and environmental improvements like sourcing less corrosive cleaning solutions. Storage of all potentially flammable processing and cleaning solutions was an area where this printing company was able to make strides. Even low-flammability platemaking solution barrels are now grounded, safe-guarding against danger. Masks and spill aprons and other safety and health measures have been instituted. Other examples of LIFE® savings are material expenses for set-up stock and plates: fewer plates leads to less material which leads to positive environmental impact and cost savings.

On the heels of the LIFE® certification is Amherst Label’s investment in solar technology. Installation is set to begin shortly and promises energy cost reduction plus energy credits.

Hornor concludes, “I hope we are helping to change the culture to be more LIFE® conscious not only in our business but in our homes and communities. We are showing that as a company we care about being responsible to the environment and to future generations occupying the earth. I love it.”

* Nineteen companies, including some with multiple locations, have achieved LIFE Certification as of April 21, 2016. The total number of sites is 32.