What if you wanted your label to live a longer life than it takes to consume the product?

Or you wanted your customers to interact with your label, actually have a chance to play with it?

Would you like a logo decal to pop right off your label?

Innovations in product labels, especially customer-driven innovations, are a hallmark of Amherst Label throughout our 45-year history. We get excited about offering new finishes, techniques and appeals. But this one, the PEEL, PLAY, PLACE, PROMOTE label is extra cool because it provides an answer to all three questions above.

With a special material construction that includes an extra layer or two, one portion of the Peel, Play, Place, Promote or 4-P Label can peel away, leaving the rest in tact. The possibilities for promotions and play are terrific.

Baxter Brewing used the technique for a successful ski area cross-promotion and challenged customers to place the logo decal in wild places and capture a photograph for Instagram.

35-second video of Nye Hornor, AL President; Jack Kern, Account Exec; and Thomas Hornor, Digital Print Specialist; demonstrating the Baxter Brewing Peel, Play, Place, Promote Label at Sugarloaf Ski Area.

Our Account Exec Jack Kern says the extra life span of the peel-away component is important environmentally. Nobody likes single-use products as much as extended-use products. If part of your can label ends up on a laptop, cooler, water bottle or bathroom wall, well, that’s… good.

Sticker play is not just for kids because adults often peel and fiddle with can labels. Imagine if we made it more fun for them? Shane Beaton, Amherst Label Account Exec who has helped several customers with Peel, Play, Place, Promote Labels, says the reasons people like them are as individualized as the product and the label. Different shapes and sizes add to the usefulness and fun. The tarot card shape of the Belleflower label (above) was unique. A round shape makes a great logo decal.

Technically, the art production is similar to any product label. We’ve found that calling attention to the peel-off section is a plus.

The major difference between an ordinary pressure-sensitive label and a 4-P label is the construction of the stock. There is an extra layer, a release layer like the liner, adhered to the base stock. The dual die cuts through the top layer so the peel-away can be removed, but it does not cut through all the layers. The main die still cuts the shape of the label at its extremities. Same die, two different depths. The special order stock does add something to the material cost of the label as well as adding to the life of the label. Talking with an Account Exec about application and other considerations could lead to new ideas that add value.

In summary, the 4-P Label is not your everyday label for all products. But it could be that special surprise that makes your next product release or your next promotion live on… and on!