Maine Brewers Collaboration 2020

“There is nothing better than a win-win-win! —Sean Sullivan, Maine Brewers Guild (MBG)

Please view our 10-second thank you message to Maine Brewers!

15 Collaborators and a tower of thanks

15 breweries=$750 donation to Maine Brewers Guild! Here’s who participated: Austin Street Brewery, Banded Brewing Company, Baxter Brewing Company, Bissell Brothers Brewing Company, Definitive Brewing Company, Flight Deck Brewing, Fluvial Brewing, Footbridge Brewery, Island Dog Brewing, Moderation Brewing, Nu Brewery, Orono Brewing, Saco River Brewing, Sebago Brewing Company and Strong Brewing Company.

Account exec Nicholas Kepka Calvetti and marketing assistant Skylar Curtis built a tower out of the cans produced by 15 Collaboration customers who got their Maine Brewers’ Guild (MBG) labels from Amherst Label.

Just our way of saying thank you to these customers, not only for joining the Collaboration effort but also for working with Amherst Label. We had offered 50% off labels and a donation of $50 in honor of each customer (scroll down to see the offer), so Nicholas is holding a check for $750 payable to the Maine Brewers’ Guild.

Amherst Label is delighted to be involved with this terrific organization, supporting brewers in the great state of Maine during these remarkably challenging times. The check’s in the mail and we had fun making the 10-second thank you message above.

Early in January, Sean Sullivan from MBG sent us some samples (not empty!) via an excellent messenger service—his parents—who met Nicholas to deliver the gift package including t-shirts and a hat (pictured below). The letter enclosed read: On behalf of Maine’s brewers and the Guild, thank you for your generous support in 2020! From your enthusiastic participation at the New England Brew Summit to your year-round support as an Allied Member on to the Collaboration Beer, you’ve been one of our strongest partners this year. We really appreciate your involvement.

In an email Sean wrote: That is AWESOME about the 15 breweries—that’s a good portion. Extremely generous of Amherst Label and glad such a large number of breweries took you up on that offer. There is nothing better than a win-win-win!

Below is the original promotional offer for labels for Collaboration Beer 2020.

Labels for Collaboration Beer 2020

50% OFF!!

Please note and plan ahead: This offer applies only to our standard 7-day turnaround. We cannot promise rush deliveries for this program. Thank you and cheers!

Maine Brewers Guild Collaboration Labels

We are delighted to be part of the Maine Brewers’ Guild Collaboration Beer 2020.

If you order your 12 oz or 16 oz labels from Amherst Label, your order will be processed at HALF the regular cost. PLUS, For every brewery ordering labels for Collaboration Beer 2020, Amherst Label will donate $50 to the Maine Brewers’ Guild to help advocate for those hit hardest this year. If you are already an Amherst Label customer, please contact your usual friendly account rep. (See buttons to the right) If you are new to Amherst Label, we would be happy to help. We take the pain out of label ordering. Just click the button on the right and send AL an email. We will get right back to you.

Discounted pricing on Keg Collars too!


Maine Brewers Guild Associate Member