Amherst Label welcomed 17 breweries to our 50% off program for the Maine Brewers’ Guild (MBG) Collaboration Brew 2021.

Brewers were provided the base art for the Collaboration brew but were invited to adapt it to reflect their brand and their personality. The results are both consistent and refreshingly varied, ideal for this project. The 17 labels displayed here were printed by Amherst Label, offering a 50% discount in support of the good work of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, in gratitude to our current customers, and as a welcome to brewers who hadn’t worked with Amherst Label before.

By any definition, the MBG Collaboration was again a success in its second year. From Amherst Label’s perspective, we were delighted to work with 17 breweries (up from 15 in 2020). For each brewer who placed their order for collaboration labels with us, Amherst Label pledged $50 to the Maine Brewers’ Guild. And today we have the grand total of 17 x $50 or $850 to happily turn over to the Maine Brewers Guild.

Amherst Label president Nye Hornor said, “It’s great to help out the Maine Brewers’s Guild. Our WHY is ‘We Help You,’ so we are happy to be helping the Brewers, helping all of our customers, our communities and organizations. We feel that the Maine Brewers are a great group who continually push the envelope and try to be better and we want to help them grow.”

We asked Sean Sullivan, head of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, about the value of the Collaboration IPA. His answers follow….

How does the Collaboration beer program help? What does MBG do with the proceeds?

  • The Maine Brewers’ Guild is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting Maine craft beer. While we collect member dues, the lion’s share of our annual funding comes from events. Unfortunately, during COVID, we were not able to host our events, which meant we were faced with a substantial revenue shortfall. The Collaboration beer offered a way to generate revenue for the Guild while also helping brewers, who only needed to do what they normally do (ie. brew beer!) to take part. The funds raised from the program help us to fund our operations—ensuring Maine beer remains top of mind in the market, our brewers have all the resources they need to make top quality beer, and tourists can come to Maine and have a world-class beer experience. 

What is the beauty of these Collaboration programs? The uniting of brewers to help others?

  • Over the past couple of years, Maine brewers have had limited opportunities to get together, connect with one another, and revel in the camaraderie and collaborative spirit that attracted so many to the industry in the first place. The Collaboration brew allowed all Maine brewers to unite around brewing a single beer. Within the unity, there was also differentiation—as many brewers tweaked the core recipe to add their own twist. 
  • Thanks to the generosity of ingredients suppliers and a couple of other vendors, participating Maine brewers were able to get the hops and specialty malts for the recipe for free. In exchange, the brewers donated a flat per bbl rate to the Guild, about proportionate to what they would have paid for the ingredients. This last part was important—it allowed our brewers to still ensure they could generate the (much-needed) revenue as they would with any batch of beer, while also demonstrating their support for the Guild/ making a donation to the Guild and getting benefits of our collective PR around the project. It also allowed brewers to then serve/ distribute/ offer the beer to customers in whatever format best suited their business model. 

How do you feel about Amherst Label’s support, offering 50% off the labels and giving $50 per brewer? Does this support help?

  • Amherst Label proactively reached out to the Maine Brewers’ Guild to offer support for this Collaboration Beer both years. Both existing and new clients of Amherst Label were able to save money printing labels through a generous discount—directly and positively benefitting brewers, and to top it off, they donated $50 to the Guild for every Maine brewery who used them to brew the beer. The net result is thousands of dollars more to support Maine’s beer industry and help our brewers during a time of need. 

A quick look at all the labels….

The net result is thousands of dollars more to support Maine’s beer industry and help our brewers during a time of need. 

—Sean Sullivan, Maine Brewers’ Guild

The offer….

Labels for Collaboration Beer 2021

50% OFF!!

Please note and plan ahead: This offer applies only to our standard 7-day turnaround.
We cannot promise rush deliveries for this program. Thank you and cheers!

Maine Brewers Guild Collaboration Labels

We are once again delighted to be part of the Maine Brewers’ Guild Collaboration Beer in 2021 after a great success in 2020.

If you order your 12 oz or 16 oz Collaboration labels from Amherst Label, your order will be processed at HALF the regular cost. (Discount applies only to Collaboration labels.)

PLUS, For every brewery ordering labels for
Collaboration Beer 2021,
Amherst Label will donate $50
to the Maine Brewers’ Guild to help advocate
for those hit hardest this year.

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