Screen Printing Durable

The process of screen printing is believed to date back as far as 960 AD! This versatile technique uses layers of durable ink to create clean and intricate designs. At Amherst Label, we offer a wide variety of materials and die-cutting abilities to assure that the finished product will meet your specific label printing requirements. Here are some of Amherst’s screen printed offerings:

Window Decals A clear winner

Window decals are a highly customizable product with many uses. Various sizes, shapes and materials can be used to promote your cause, sale, product, or business. Contact us to learn more about our variety of window decals!

Domed Decals

Add a little something to your products with the 3D elements of domed labels and decals. Simply use these decals for branding, to create decorative elements, or to add texture to any surface.

Overlay Control Panels and Nameplates Quality

Make your products pop with customized overlay control panels and nameplates from Amherst Label. We work closely with our clients to ensure a high quality product with a perfect fit.

Floor Decals A new dimension

Decals are a creative way to add to your retail brand. Use what is usually an unused space to direct customers to your product. Amherst Label offers fade and abrasion resistant decals for your retail efforts.

Weatherproof Labels Durability

You won’t have to worry about wears, tears, or peeling when you use our durable weatherproof labels. Not only are these perfect for outdoor products, but they will keep anything that gets wet, like bottles or toys, looking tip top.

Point of Purchase Displays Custom

Let Amherst Label help you create a one-of-a kind display for your product. Whether you are in need of stands, shelves, posters, or banners, our displays will draw attention to your goods and promotions.

Printing on Prefabricated Metal Parts Precision

Identify parts for easy assembly, print instructions, or add your logo to prefabricated metal pieces. Crisp, clear, and easy to read printing is available for parts of all shapes and sizes.

Display Posters Sturdy

Our sturdy screen printed posters are perfect for events, notices, and advertisements. An optional easel back makes displaying your poster a breeze.

Signs Craftsmanship

Customize signs for your business or event with a variety of options. Big or small, simple or intricate, Amherst Label offers an a la carte menu of finishes and materials to suit your needs.

Bumper Stickers Communicate!

Our high-quality, customizable bumper stickers are perfect for advertising your business, promoting your band, or expressing your school spirit. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to suit every need.


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