Digital quality, speed and consistency

Introducing our state-of-the art Domino UV Digital Press with CEI Boss Finisher

The best digital UV inkjet quality, the fastest on the market!

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Price is Right Digital economics

With no plates and no plate charges, digital label printing starts out competitive in price. Factor in the ease and speed of ordering only the quantities you need; you won't invest in inventories of labels just for quantity price breaks. Order what you need, when you need them, at a cost-effective price.


Top Quality Digital Dominates

For repro quality, our Domino Digital is second to none. Four-color printing (CMYK) plus an extra orange and violet assure true full-color reproduction. Consistent from the beginning of the run to the end. Variable Data Printing (VDP) in black. Multiple versions of the same label in one run. Game-changing!


Speed Shorter lead times

No plates = shorter prepress lead times. And on-press, 165 feet/minute is lightning fast. Plus digital technology allows for quicker set-ups and changeovers. Price, quality AND speed. Game-changing.

Textured Digital Printing

Textured labels, digitally printed. Eye-popping results. Read more.

Textured Labels

Digital Label Printing:

How the game has changed

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Our Domino N610i 7-color UV Digital Press is a technological leap forward in label printing.

Competitive pricing, especially in quantities under 5,000, plus superior quality and speedy delivery.

• 13” max print width

• 247 ft/minute, "Fastest on the market!"

• Special UV ink set. Prints CMYK, Orange, Violet, two hits of opaque white

• White opacity is "like screen print" without the cost and complication of screen printing

• Highly durable UV ink is moisture resistant

• Variable Data Printing (VDP) in black ink for barcodes, numbering, etc.

• Two die stations: semi rotary/full rotary. Can use most 13” and 10” rotary dies

• Laminate on front and back in same pass

• Affordable, even in the smallest quantities!

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