Clings and Double-Sided Window Decals

Static Cling labels are an excellent choice for all window applications, including car windows, store fronts and refrigerated glass display cases. Ideal for promotions, association memberships and parking decals, Static Cling Decals and Labels can be produced either by flexography or screen print, depending on end use and graphic requirements.

Static Cling material is white or clear and has no adhesive, which means easy application and no sticky residue when removed.

If you want a label with a little more stick, ask us. We have an alternative offering the same durability and ease of application as Static Cling, but with a little “stick.”

At right: 4-color process flexo Static Cling Label for the NH Lottery

Double-sided Window Decals

Amherst Label Magic: Double-sided Window Decals

Label designs really pop when they are visible from the front and back, achieved by double-sided printing.

Of all the specialty printing Amherst Label has perfected over the years, owner Nick Calvetti gets most excited about double-sided window decals. “A roll of stock starts at one end of the press and comes out printed on both sides, custom die-cut and self adhesive.”

“It’s like magic,” says Nick. “Amherst Label magic.”

At right: 3-color flexo printed flopped then laminated with white barrier material before second side 3-color print and custom die-cut.

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