Newspapers, News Notes

Front Page Notes (Newsnotes) are used on the newspaper to get the attention of that consumer who is looking for your product. We have seen advertisers from all markets use the Front Page Note to get in front of the consumer as a call to action. Amherst Label’s front page program is number one for delivery, quality and price. We have been running Front Page Notes (Newsnotes) for years and we know how important the publication date is to the newspaper and the advertiser. Let Amherst Label be your source for Front Page Notes custom labels.

Providing superior service is paramount to us at Amherst Label. We will do everything possible to make sure that your requests are met in the time frame you require. In order to meet your deadlines we have special plans to offer you, like our Make and Hold Inventory Program. Make and Hold allows you quantity pricing and pre-scheduled deliveries for convenient cost and inventory control. In this just-in-time marketplace, we’re as versatile as your requirements.

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