Industrial Label Printing

Industrial label printing is a large industry and one with which Amherst Label is very familiar. We run items from standard safety stickers and chemical bottle labels to the difficult application of applying a label to a plastic pole. Amherst Label has its expert sales and customer service team here to help you find the correct solution for your label requirement.

We can manufacture the asset labels you need for your products, print on the polyester stock required for Instrument verification or provide a “MARK and SEAL” construction for calibration stickers. We will provide you with the documentation that you need with a “Certificate of Compliance” or a “Certificate of Origin.”

Amherst Label is an approved industrial label printing shop of the UL listing mark. We also have many UL construction approvals for labels used in specific industries. If we do not have the correct certification, we are willing to work with you to get that special construction approval you need for your specific product. We print on many UL approved materials and laminate with several UL approved stocks. Each product that is produced with this UL construction is marked appropriately to meet regulations.

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