Digital art for Talking Cursive Brewery

… [I] encourage both youth and adults alike to give space to their creative impulses, especially to go beyond the limitation of that initial self judgment in favor of curiosity and exploration.

Digital illustration, drawn in procreate (ipad) and cleaned up in photoshop and illustrator 

Every label tells a story…. Here’s the artists’ story

What is your art background like?

Although I prefer a more natural and explorative approach to art, I do hold a university Bachelors of Fine Art with studio training in illustration, painting, printmaking, photography, as well as a concentration in computer graphics and digital mediums in 2d and 3d. I’m forever exploring the worlds of both fine art and commercial art, including real world training and work with signage, murals, apparel, and built work. I am always drawing and enjoy working on collaborations with other creatives who exude positive energy.

What inspires you as an artist

Exploration and adventure are a primary source of inspiration, and an important part of my life. I’ve read that travel and new experiences help your brain to create new synapses, which resonates with my experience and urge to soak in creative inputs through my own ‘meandering osmosis’ as much as possible.

What do you hope viewers will feel/experience when they view your art?

I often hope my artwork can evoke a spontaneous emotional response within the viewer or relate to some distant memory. If the art inspires curiosity beyond what is usual to the viewer, or if it prompts them to consider comparisons of previously unrelated concepts, by wondering about something from a new perspective… to think of something in a slightly different way, outside of their norm; that is by far my favorite.

For my commercial artwork, the main goal is to represent the feeling of the company I am working with – to be familiar, recognizable, and resonate with the audience.

Does this particular piece have a backstory you could share?
(Process, Inspiration, Changes of plans… whatever)

Crispy Girls Bohemian Pilsner was a special project where the women of TCBC really flexed both with the brewing and the art direction. Leaning into the bohemian style and riffing off the rich patterns and textures they were looking for a somewhat earthy design; incorporating geometric and floral elements folding into an infinity symbol, including hops and wheat as well. I started sketching, pulling from their inspiration and we ended up with a graphic that worked well on both the can and apparel. The ladies absolutely crushed it! Crispy Girls quickly became a favorite in the tasting room and earned Silver at the NYS Craft Beer Festival 2022!

What else would you like people to know about you, your art in general, or this piece?

I love working with small businesses and other creative people. It is such a unique challenge to pick up on an initial set of ideas and to bring a new vision to life within the unique parameters of each specific project. It is amazing that after 15 years of design work you can still learn something new everyday; the craft is ever evolving and the possibilities are endless!

Anything else? 

I think is important to support your local art/beer/music/food/creative/smallbiz scene, and encourage both youth and adults alike to give space to their creative impulses, especially to go beyond the limitation of that initial self judgment in favor of curiosity and exploration.

The completed label incorporating the artwork

The art, can, label, and caption as part of the CANVAS exhibit

Artist Randy Hadzor

@rhadzor instagram.com/rhadzor )
web: rhadzor.com

The labeled can

For our 45th anniversary, we created an exhibit entitled “CANVAS” celebrating the art of the can…. Or more specifically, the label art ON the cans of our beer-brewing customers. More about CANVAS

Amherst Label founded 1978 More

The complete CANVAS exhibit

Every label tells a story….

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