“Push the Sky Away” collage for Small Change Brewing

We hope that we inspire other people to create anything in any way that they enjoy.

The original piece is a collage on paper that was put together digitally in photoshop.

Every label tells a story…. Here’s the artists’ story

What is your art background like?

We don’t have any formal art training, but we do love to create in all forms: art, cooking, brewing, music.

What inspires you as an artist?

The idea that you can create something that didn’t exist before. And hopefully that creation elicits some kind of a response in someone.

What do you hope viewers will feel/experience when they view your art?

Anything. My favorite art (in any form) is always something that I have a personal feeling toward, even if that feeling or experience may not be what the artist intended.

Every label tells a story….

We had the name for this beer before we had the artwork. I (Mike) had an idea/draft for this can that was a cityscape/skyline that we could do in watercolor. Emily gently suggested that we do collage instead, as neither of us had ever done a watercolor piece. We put together a few large images, scanned them all, and cropped together the artwork as it appears on the can.

What else would you like people to know about you, your art in general, or this piece?

We feel fortunate that we’re able to create in many ways in our everyday lives: crafting beer recipes, creating some of the labels for our cans, etc. We hope that we inspire other people to create anything in any way that they enjoy.

The completed label incorporating the artwork

The art, can, label and caption, as part of the CANVAS exhibit

Artists Emily Vides and Michael Patterson

www.smallchangebrewing.com IG: @smallchangebeer FB: @smallchangebrewing

The labeled can

For our 45th anniversary, we created an exhibit entitled “CANVAS” celebrating the art of the can…. Or more specifically, the label art ON the cans of our beer-brewing customers. More about CANVAS

Amherst Label founded 1978

The complete CANVAS exhibit

Every label tells a story….

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