“Atlantis” digital piece for River Styx Brewing

I hope that a sense of wonder and fantasy comes up when you view my art.

Digital art created in Procreate

Every label tells a story…. Here’s the artist’s story

What is your art background like?

I’ve been doodling since I was a kid, and then took to professional doodling in college for my degree. I got my B.S in Communications and Graphic Design from Fitchburg State University. 

What inspires you as an artist?

I’m typically inspired by the natural world around me, and finding appreciating the romance in subtle beauty. 

What do you hope viewers will feel/experience when they view your art?

I hope that a sense of wonder and fantasy comes up when you view my art. I try to be detailed and leave subtleties for fun new experiences every time you look. 

Does this particular piece have a backstory you could share? 

This was actually the first label I created after I was in a car accident last year. I was anxious and completely degenerated by the event and felt completely uninspired. After taking some forced days off (yes, I’m stubborn) I came back and just put my pen to paper. I took an afternoon drafting the sketch, and very rarely do I change things while I do so, and wanted to feel as if I could walk through the world in the bubble on this label. I hoped it was something people could see and draw their own conclusions on what their experience in this place would be like. I also wanted locals to see the can and feel a sense of wonder and familiarity in the place they’re from and take pride in it with us.

What else would you like people to know about you, your art in general, or this piece? 

Besides being the graphic designer, I am also River Styx Brewing’s Assistant Brewer and Brewhouse manager! So If you’re around, ask for me, and let’s raise a pint together. I will sadly be leaving RSB in August to go get my masters from UC Davis, but am incredibly proud of the foundations that I have helped build here from a branding and production standpoint.

The completed label incorporating the artwork

The art, can, label, and caption as part of the CANVAS exhibit

Artist Ryan Normille

@ryanormile on instagram

The labeled can

For our 45th anniversary, we created an exhibit entitled “CANVAS” celebrating the art of the can…. Or more specifically, the label art ON the cans of our beer-brewing customers. More about CANVAS

Amherst Label founded 1978 More

The complete CANVAS exhibit

Every label tells a story….

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