28 June 2019

Amherst Label VP applies himself to service projects in New Orleans

Just back from a week of service I caught up with Amherst Label VP Nye Hornor the first morning after he returned from a service trip to New Orleans with his 16-year-old daughter Carolyn and her youth group. “Powerful. Life-changing. Energizing.” Three words Nye used to sum up the experience. The sixteen New Hampshire kids […]

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19 June 2019

A textured label laid-out-in lavender

We often talk about taking the pain and stress out of label ordering so when it came time to choose seeds to share this spring, lavender seemed like a good choice. The pretty plant with delicate purple blossoms inspired our label-covered envelope. We literally laid-it-out in lavender, as the old phrase goes. The Egyptians used […]

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18 June 2019

Inspired By A Label

Red, white and blue American flags surround the common in Colonial Amherst, NH, on Flag Day. The Flag Day 5k race starts and finishes at the idyllic church overlooking the green—a church where people in the area have experienced weddings, funerals and baptisms whether or not they go there on Sundays. So the scene is […]

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11 June 2019

2019 Business Leader of the Year: Amherst Label’s Nick Calvetti

The keynote speaker at the 2019 Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner and Awards Celebration, Wendell Davis of the Small Business Association, had some lofty ideas to share about America’s entrepreneurial spirit. Citing French philosopher Alex de Tocqueville, Davis asserted that, “The pursuit of happiness is a necessary component of a successful society.” Davis […]

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30 April 2019

Q&A with Outside Sales Rep Nicholas Kepka Calvetti

“Companies depend on us to do a great job,” says Nicholas. “When that’s understood and we are able to help people, to come through for them, that’s the best part. ” How would you describe your background? I went to WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and have a degree in Management Engineering with a concentration in […]

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12 March 2019

“Every picture tells a story”

Photography exhibit at Amherst Label features highlights of Bob Hug’s 40-year career  “From Darkroom to Digital” is the title of Bob Hug’s new exhibit in the Amherst Label cafeteria. The opportunity to display his photos “accelerated Bob’s plans to frame his favorites” from decades of seeing things in his unique way and capturing them with […]

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18 February 2019

Textured labels create sensation

Textured labels for specialty foods and beverages Beautiful, textured labels at an affordable price printed on our Domino UV Digital Press With the only Domino UV Digital press in New England, Amherst Label can produce textured labels with patterns you can see and feel. Imagine the design possibilities! Ocean waves, sun rays, bricks, checkerboards, honeycombs, […]

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15 February 2019

Q&A with Sales Coordinator Jessica Ackerman

Jessica says, “The most meaningful thing about my job is helping my customers.” How would you describe your BACKGROUND? I am a customer service professional. I have over 10 years of experience working with customers. I’m also a baker, with a professional certificate in Baking and Pastry from Lakes Region Community College. What would SURPRISE […]

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6 February 2019

Nye Hornor

Nye Hornor, VP of Sales and Marketing Nye says, “Turning around a job to help a customer meet a deadline or helping a co-worker come up with a solution is truly what makes my job meaningful.” Read on to get to know a little more about Amherst Label’s Nye Hornor. 1) How would you describe […]

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1 February 2019

Amherst Label renews commitment to green label printing

Amherst Label has applied for SGP Certification, replacing our LIFE environmental certification. Here’s what it’s all about. What does SGP mean? Sustainable Green Printing Partnership   Why SGP? Amherst Label earned environmental-certification in 2015 through the Tag and Label Manufacturers’ Institute (TLMI). At the time, we were one of only 19 companies in North America […]

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21 February 2017

Goal-setting and Accountability in a Label Manufacturing Setting

  Could achieving goals really be as easy as pie? Here’s the 4-point premise discussed today at a Soup & Seminar program at Amherst Label. Make a pie chart with eight slices; one for each of the following: Family, Friends, Fun, House/Home, Growth, Health, Money and Work. Rate each slice on a scale of 1-10, […]

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13 February 2017

Custom Label Adhesives

Adhering to schedules and substrates You could say Jim Cutler is Amherst Label’s weather forecaster. In addition to his role as facilities manager in charge of plowing, the rooftop solar array, and maintaining the property, as purchasing manager, Jim gauges when suppliers will be able to deliver on-time and when a Nor’easter could derail production […]

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3 February 2017

Taking the pain out of ordering labels

At Amherst Label, our service philosophy is simple: identify your needs and provide the solution. We are the label company that makes life easier, helping you through ordering, designing, stock and adhesive selection, application and delivery. We take the pain out of label ordering. Our triple-tech approach to label manufacturing is one way we can do this. […]

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22 December 2016

Amherst Label Stands Behind Returning Veterans

Veteran Victory Farm One of five special programs for veterans managed by Veteran Homestead Inc. of Gardner, MA Amherst Label is veteran-owned and managed, and has been for more than three decades. We’ve seen good times and challenging times and do the best we can to help our customers and employees through whatever tough situations arise. Some […]

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29 November 2016

Noni’s Toffee Digital Labels a Sweet Success Story

Digital labels are perfect for Noni’s Toffee because Stephanie needs to add new lots and change information frequently. We can make changes for her and go right to press. No new plates. High-quality, beautiful labels in small quantities with no extra charges.—Nye Hornor Custom Labels for Specialty Foods With special permission, we can picture Stephanie Jay here. She keeps […]

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17 November 2016


Milford NH. Sixty professionals from the US label industry—manufacturers and suppliers from all over the country—convened on Wednesday at the 6th Annual FLAG members meeting at sites in Bedford, Amherst and Milford, NH. The acronym FLAG stands for Flexo Label Advantage Group, and is, among other things, a buyers group connecting vendors and manufacturers for mutual benefit. Described as […]

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11 November 2016

Amherst Label Veteran-to-Veteran Benefits Package

As a veteran-owned and managed company, we are proud to serve veterans.  Pictured: Amherst Label owner Nick Calvetti with his daughter, Angela, and his granddaughter, Hadley, on July 4, 2015. Jeff Hall Photo. Amherst Label Veteran Benefits Package We’ve put together a special benefits package just for customers who have served the country as members of […]

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2 October 2016


2016 Update: Another GREAT day welcoming the next generation. Story in the NH Union Leader  Originally published October 2, 2015 The poster features a charming character made from gleaming blue labels who says in a cartoon bubble, “Hi–It’s Manufacturing Day and I’m AL.” AL is the Amherst Label ambassador and is announcing a special program celebrating […]

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23 September 2016

Dot Whacks for Impact

 We all know what a Dot Whack is, even if, like me, we don’t recognize the term. It is mildly embarrassing to admit that, despite decades of employment in the marketing field, I had not heard the term “dot whack” until I worked at Amherst Label. Not that I hadn’t designed and ordered dozens of dot […]

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8 September 2016

(Talk like a) Pirate Day is better with A LABEL

Amherst Label Customers Share in Pirate Treasure When the skull and crossbones flag is run up the flagpole and the Facebook page is changed to language=”Pirate,” we’re ready for our second annual “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebration here at Amherst Label. This year’s booty, shared with customers and prospective customers, is a pirate chest […]

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