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Triple Nicholas: Our founder, owner and next generation

Nick Calvetti, Sr., Nicholas E. Calvetti, and Nicholas Kepka Calvetti. Three generations of the Amherst Label founding family.

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Three Generations of Label Makers

Amherst Label continues to grow as a family-owned and operated custom label printer, with family as our foundation. The company was founded in 1978 by Nicholas Calvetti, a highly successful sales person and longtime service-oriented entrepreneur (pictured above far left and at right with his wife Polly). Within two years, business was booming and Nick Senior asked his son Nick to join the firm. Nick Calvetti, Jr., has been running Amherst Label since his father's untimely death in 1981.

In their early days, Polly Calvetti managed the office. She was a frequent and welcome visitor until her passing in 2012.

Twenty years ago, Nick was joined by the next generation of Calvetti, his daughter Angela, and her husband Nye Hornor (each pictured with Nick at right).

After his graduation from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2015, the third Nicholas, Nicholas Kepka Calvetti, joined Amherst Label (above far right).

More about Nick Calvetti Sr.

The Amherst Label Family

If we totaled all the years of industry experience at Amherst Label, it would be an impressive number in the hundreds. Throughout our 40 year history, we have put our custom label printer experience to work for Amherst Label customers year after year.

More evidence of Amherst Label’s commitment to family and tradition is the remarkable number of family relationships within the company. There are: four husband/wife, one father/daughter/son, two brother/sister, two mother/son, two father/son, one aunt/niece, one mother/son/daughter. Loyalty is important, and at Amherst Label we have found that hiring family members fits well with our corporate culture where our people make the difference.

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