Sustainability in Printing

Dan Riendeau from Flexcon updates the AL team on labeling materials that enable 100% recycling of HDPE and PETE packaging.

“We all have a hand in protecting our planet.”

That’s the message of the lead graphic in a recent presentation by our supplier, Flexcon, and it sets the expectation for all of us to do what we can.

Amherst Label’s Painted Picture challenges us to follow the cycle of identifying issues through AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE, ACTION and ASSESSMENT and to repeat the cycle as needed. What we learned from Dan Riendeau/Flexcon’s presentation certainly expanded our awareness. 

For example, did you know that before PET plastic bottles are recycled they are chopped into tiny rectangles the size of a child’s fingernail? The labels are removed from the recyclable PET bottles (used for orange Juice and countless other products) after the chopping. 

High-density polyethylene is the term behind the acronym HDPE—an abbreviation many of us probably overlook while hunting for the recycle symbol and a number like #1 or #2. Whereas cities and towns took most numbered levels of recyclables before, many only take #1 and #2 now, a situation we can all hope will change in the future as recycling regains financial viability.

Left: Examples of PET products, labeled.

In the meantime, FLEXcon is developing labeling products which enable the recyclability of clean PET by allowing the film to wash off from container. FLEXcon also has an “ecoFOCUS” label solution on PET products. To achieve Zero Waste, or to 100% recycled PET, the labels must  be completely removed from the PET container. Otherwise, the empties get “down cycled” or thrown away. FLEXcon has worked to create stocks and adhesives that enable the printing and production of wash-off labels.

Flexcon has worked to create stocks and adhesives that enable the printing and production of wash-off labels. 

Amherst Label is keen to stay informed of the latest technologies and green printing practices. We installed 309 solar panels on our roof and like to say, “We make labels with sunshine.” We join our friends at FLEXcon in the commitment to accept our responsibility toward our Earth. After all, we all have a hand in protecting our planet.

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  1. I loved this presentation so much! Its crazy that most people don’t realize when aluminum and glass is recycled the PSL packaging is burned off in a specific heating process so the label doesn’t effect the recycling process.

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