Amherst Label mothers share how they feel about Mother’s Day

We asked mothers at Amherst Label what Mother’s Day means to them and got some colorful answers. Sales Coordinator Maryann Hadley points out, “Little things mean the most.” The stories here are full of thoughtful little things.

AL-team mothers, many of whom are mentioned in this Mother’s Day tribute.

Everyone works hard at Amherst Label so a relaxing weekend day is always welcome. But Mother’s Day does offer mothers special license to experience the day their way.

Sales Coordinator Andrea Smith says, “I like to sleep in.”

Her coworker Jeannette Sanborn says, “I like how nobody can say ‘no’ to me ALLL DAYYYY!”

Andrea Philbrick says, “The best thing is that I get to spend the day with my whole family—and I don’t have to cook or clean!”

A Mother’s Day traditional “God’s eye” crafted by a kindergartener for his mom

Both Andreas also have a soft spot for homemade cards and gifts, like the ones young kids make at school out of clay or yarn. Special Projects Manager Angela Hornor jokes, “I love the chance to pull out my collection of macaroni necklaces.” She adds, “I appreciate hearing my children say thank you, usually in a creative way like a handmade card, gift or dance.” (Angela has artists and dancers in her family.)

She joins other AL mothers in saying that being together with their children is tops. Angela says, “I appreciate Mother’s Day because there is an effort to be together and mostly spend time doing something I want to do with my kids.”

For Missy in Finishing/Shipping, “The best thing about Mother’s Day is that I have both kids together at the same time. And they HAVE to be nice to me (haha). I get a hug without asking.”

Sales Coordinator Maryann Hadley’s Mother’s Day is “a special time with my daughters . . . and they both find cards that say exactly what they are feeling even if they can’t always express what they want to say. I get lots of hugs and thank you’s for being their mom.”

Karen in Accounting shares, “When my kids were little, it was a day they could not say ‘Mom.’ They had to ask Dad. It was my day off! Now that they are older, I really don’t need ‘Mother’s Day’ because I have it year round!  I am very fortunate my kids like to be with us!”

Mothers are daughters too, whether they are lucky enough to still have their moms or not. Sabine Johnson in Shipping is thankful that she gets to talk with her mother almost every day, which is pretty special. But the fact that Sabine’s mom lives in Germany makes it even more unique. “We use Facetime,” says Sabine, “so I get to see her too. But this summer, she’s coming for three months, so that will be even better.”

Kathy Clancy, our Controller, enjoys spending time with her mom on Mother‘s Day. “We usually go out to breakfast and make our annual trek to get flowers at a local nursery.” Kathy adds that she makes sure to acknowledge other moms: “I love to wish all of the mothers in my life Happy Mother’s Day—my daughter-in-law and sisters/sisters-in-law and friends—with special texts on the special day. Sending love and laughter is my specialty,” she quips.

“I like it because I feel appreciated and I let my mom know she’s appreciated too.”

It’s not all fun and games though, especially for people whose mothers are no longer around. But Lisa Donaldson in Finishing wrote that “Remembering special memories” is the best thing about the holiday.

For our hard-working Marie Chamberlain in Finishing, who grew up without a mom, “It’s just another day.”

Marie’s coworker Nikki Derraps has a range of experiences to look forward to on Sunday. She says, “To me the best thing about Mother’s Day is being with my kids and counting my blessings that I have them. They are my world and my sunshine. I reflect back and take the time to see how great they are and having a hand in who they are growing up to be. This year especially will be with my mom as well since this is the first year without my gram, her mom. We will talk about memories and I’m sure cry… but have a great day together.”

As the writer of this Mother’s Day message, I recognize that the day is a special time to consider the effort I have put into being a mother and to enjoy the results of that. Usually my son is nice about helping me do a tough task like moving heavy things. And my daughter, whom I miss every day, checks in—which reminds me why I miss her every day :-).

Many mothers don’t get to see their kids on Mother’s Day.

Andrea Smith shared this in a Microsoft Teams chat—a simply beautiful summary of the many feelings about Mother’s Day

Mary Rae in Finishing has a great take on the day. She enjoys spending time as a family but especially enjoys “watching my adult children work, joke and play while making a meal they planned themselves.” She sees them using skills she learned from her own mom, as well as her skills, and using bowls and utensils that were passed down from her mom. But mimosas add that special touch to the family get-together she says, “After all, they are the reason I drink. (lol, just kidding)”.

At the end of the day (see what I did there?), Andrea Smith sums up Mother’s Day sentiments beautifully: “I like it because I feel appreciated and I let my mom know she’s appreciated too.”

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  1. I forgot to send my thoughts earlier! Mother’s Day has been tough for me in the past due to the loss of a baby in 2018, but this year I have a sweet baby boy to be thankful for. I honestly feel like everyday is Mother’s Day with my son. He brings me so much joy.

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