A one-minute wrap-up of our holiday team appreciation

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the company, people were working harder than ever and doing such a fabulous job, day after day, every day—through two very difficult years.

How could the management team acknowledge these efforts?

Prepress/Digital Manager Katie Putnam and HR/Finance Manager Kathy Clancy thought the occasion called for cookies. Cookies baked with love by managers who love baking. Hmmm… And the managers who don’t express their love through baking could be resourceful! The idea went from half-baked to red hot when Nicholas Kepka-Calvetti, Secret Lussier, Jim Cutler and Doug Franklin signed on. Because Angela Hornor and Nye Hornor are both AL managers, they would each have to contribute 6.5 dozen cookies. Imagine their kitchen in the days leading up to the great cookie party.

Tins and bags and lining paper and confections magically appeared on the evening managers assembled to assemble the gifts. (Most magical things that happen at Amherst Label can be traced to Angela Hornor’s exhaustive efforts.) As much as we talked about gluten-free and vegan considerations, in the end, we hoped “It’s the thought that counts,” because the special tins looked a lot like the regular tins, with maybe some extra gluten-free lemon cookies from Kristin’s Bakery in Keene. 

The CRUMBELIEVABLE Cookie Giveaway was one of three special events at AL during the week of December 13-17. It is tradition-AL at Amherst Label to take employees’ photos on fun holidays like St. Patrick’s day and H-AL-oween but the not-so-ugly Christmas Sweaters are tough to top. Joannie Champoux in Reception does an exception-AL job capturing people looking festive; the pics turn up on our Facebook page and a random winner is chosen for a cash gift card.

Ugly Sweaters! Randomly chosen winner was Nicholas in the center, flanked by Jackie from Prepress and Charlie’s Angels from Sales.

This year, the Holiday “Get to the Go-AL Search” had everyone looking around Amherst Label for caches of AL stickers hidden in plain sight. Clues on the back of the sticker sheets led people to search high and low, outside and inside. Eleven people finished the search in the first hours of the first day of the hunt. Unusu-AL rewards were promised and collected from the prize bucket in Angela’s office.

Nicole Deraps from Shipping has a special connection to the Grinch and arranged this surprise visit. It’s this kind of initiative that makes Amherst Label truly speciAL.

Amherst Label’s Painted Picture reminds us of the importance of “aligning as a team,” of remembering the importance of “bucket lists” and positive attitudes. This Christmas, if you work at Amherst Label, you go home with a pretty tin of mostly home baked cookies packaged in a special bag— it’s a bagful of HOPE & HAPPINESS sent with love and appreciation from a very thankful management team to the hardest working people anywhere.

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