Housewares Label Loaded with Bells and Whistles

Amherst Label loves a label challenge!

Amherst Label President Nye Hornor shares why he believes our new Hybrid Digital Flexo press will help customer attain amazing results.

Housewares Label

To inaugurate our new Hybrid Digital Flexo Press, we created a label we call the “Kitchen Sink,” because it includes every special effect we could think of. Amherst Label loves a label challenge!

Holographic Cold Foil (because regular Cold Foil wasn’t quite as sensational), flexo metallic pantone spot color ink in a big solid area (because non-metallic ink was one notch less exciting), six-color digital inkjet printing for full color… plus back printing on the liner. Steel-to-steel die cutting to produce a finished free-standing round label. How about a QR code to show how clear the print is, and links to this page telling the story?

Everything we could think of to show off the capabilities of the Hybrid Digital Flexo Press was thrown into the production plan—like a kitchen sink bonanza.

We would love to share samples of our “Kitchen Sink” label demonstrating the back printing, the 6-color Digital, the Flexo stations, the holographic foil, the sand-textured varnish—everything we could think of we threw in.
All the advantages of Flexo, all the advantages of Digital combined in our new Hybrid press. Ask for our sample kit below.


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