Pinnacle Award-Winning Label

Celebrating in 2021 may be a little tame compared to other years but enthusiasm was high at our PINE Awards watch party on Wednesday. Amherst Label was notified that we won an award for printing excellence in the Labels & Wraps Category of the annual awards competition.

The virtual presentation took place on Cinco de Mayo so quesadillas were on the lunch menu for Andrea Smith, the sales coordinator who nominated the label, Angela Hornor who prepared the entry, and Ruth Sterling who set up the live stream. Digital manager Katie Putnam sent Michael Brochu and Ken Mello, after tracing back to see who printed and die-cut the outstanding labels.

And presto! We had an instant party, masked and minimized.

Twenty minutes into the stream, it was announced that not only had we won an award, but we won a Pinnacle Award—top honors!—for an attention-getting, shimmering beer label printed for our customer Aspetuck.

Pinnacle Award Winning Label!

Aspetuck has a beautiful, strong brand and many of their labels could vie for design awards. The execution of the Bramble Blackberry Sour Ale features a solid purple with the Aspetuck brand seemingly embossed in silver. The delicate fine lines of the abstract art below are clean and sharp. The combination and contrast are, in a word, gorgeous.

When Andrea was placing the order for this label, she thought it stood out and gave it an Award Nomination sticker. Andrea stood her ground when someone commented that it wasn’t going to be terribly challenging to print. Degree of difficulty is important to awards. But even more important is how intricate and challenging it looks like it will be to print. This design looks like it would challenge our Digital team. Michael, Ken and the entire Digital team are always up for a challenge.

Andrea said, “I thought it was a cool label. I’m glad it won!”

Our customer Peter at Aspetuck used the same word to describe how it felt to win this award of distinction. He said, “Cool. Thanks for the heads up. I will let our designer know.”

And now we’re all back to business, making more cool labels.

Video: Skip ahead to 20:40 for Amherst Label’s big moment.

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