New Hybrid Digital|Flexo Press

Building for the future

As all the components of the new Hybrid Digital/Flexo press arrive and are assembled, the machine is starting to look just like we imagined in our Lego model! It won’t be long now! We dreamed of doubling our capacity with this Hybrid, and building in efficiencies to benefit our customers. Now, piece by piece, the installation is on schedule.

This spring, in a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to meeting our customers’ needs, Amherst Label is welcoming a new Flexo/Digital Hybrid Press—the only one of its kind in New England! We are anticipating our customers’ need for quality, speed and decorative techniques and looking forward to creating amazing labels together.

In a matter of days, we will push the button and start producing combined Digital and Flexo labels—new technology opening up unlimited opportunities for the future. Our Hybrid is the only one of its kind in New England, offering all the advantages of Flexographic printing AND all the advantages of Digital printing.

Responding to customers and helping customers achieve their goals is what drives Amherst Label. Speed, quality and price matter. But so do special design techniques including pretreatment of unusual stocks, matte and gloss lamination, environmentally-responsible cold foil printing… and many other options. 

What matters to you? 

What matters to you is what we care about. If you need high volume, high quality, speedy turnarounds, we’re ready. If you need custom die-cuts, we’re ready. If you need sequential numbering, alternating images, or Variable Data Printing (VDP), count on us. If you decide to re-brand and need a unique look for the future, we are ready to help you build your brand.

The Lego story

Building for the future is our theme and we took a fun detour to demonstrate it. We asked for Lego builders to construct a model of our new Hybrid Digital/Flexo press and held a contest. The winner was 12-year-old Tanner Boynton, a member of the extended Amherst Label family. His aunt, Angela Calvetti Hornor, our special projects manager styled the photo and threw in some Lego creations of her own. We used the model in a promotion which included a bag of Legos so people could build their own design. (Who doesn’t love Legos?) A special brochure opened to reveal the dreamed-of Hybrid press, built in Legos. All this innovative communicating to send the message:

We are building our capacity. We are building our team and we are building our relationships. We’d love to talk with you soon about what our new Hybrid press can do for you.

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