On V-AL-entine’s Day, and every day, we love our customers!

It wasn’t hard to find examples of customer love at Amherst Label. Here are a few exciting things going on that show just how much we love our customers… and how our customers feel about us.

Share the love!

Referrals from our customers are so important to us that we started a special thank you program. More new customers come to us from referrals than any other source, which makes us very thankful. We love our customers! And our customers-to-be….

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Listen to the love!

When you call Amherst Label and are put on hold while we transfer your call, you’ll hear our employees sharing comments from our customers. You may recognize the engaging voices of some of our long-time sales coordinators and others. It’s our version of Jimmy Kimmel filming celebrities reading tweets. But we have our employees reading google reviews. None of ours are mean. Just lots of love to listen to!

Customer partnership

Starting in February, we are partnering with our wonderful customer, Dr. Chris Connor, to distribute these highly successful and helpful STOP/GO signs to hospitals. For four years, we have been producing the pre-operative signs in our Flexo department. Now, sales of the STOP/GO Signs will be managed by Sherri Edwards at Amherst Label. Stop, go to the full story.

Investment in customer care

This spring, in a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to meeting our customers’ needs, Amherst Label is welcoming a new Flexo/Digital Hybrid Press—the only one of its kind in New England! We are anticipating our customers’ need for quality, speed and decorative techniques and looking forward to creating amazing labels together. There will be lots more to share about this new equipment in the coming days. Right now, we are shifting offices around to make room and we are building its special space.

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