We had a goal. We reached it. Congratulations!

Two planning periods ago, we set an ambitious goal for the Amherst Label team. “Double Double,” recalls Nye. “We said we would double our sales and grow from a $5 million company to $10,000,000.”

And today, Nye is announcing that the mission has been accomplished. With an invoice Accounts Receivable Specialist Adrienne sends out this morning, we will cross the threshold we set for ourselves. In 2020, the most difficult year Amherst Label has ever faced, the company has attained $10 million in sales.

Accounts Receivable Specialist Adrienne makes it official: Sales topped $10 million this morning

“It’s miraculous,” comments the Marketing Manager (me).

“It’s exciting,” says Nye.

Looking ahead to 2021, there will be new ambitious goals set. The magical thing about goals is, once set—once a commitment is made—all the forces of our efforts can combine to get us there. We had a goal. We reached it. We don’t have time to pause to celebrate it and we can’t get together for a company-wide celebration. But we can enjoy the feeling, pat ourselves on the back, and be very proud of a job well done.


Thank you to all of our customers for placing their faith in us. Together, we can reach our customers’ goals with each and every order.

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