Amherst Label Referral Program Shares the Love

Share the Label Love

Referrals are so important for us at Amherst Label that we started a program a while back to show our customers just how much we appreciate their confidence in us. The “Share the Love” program promises our customers a cash gift card for giving our name to a colleague or friend. If the friend places an order with us, the value of the gift card doubles.

The program has paid off for us, for our customers and, we hope, for the new customers as well! It’s a Win/Win/Win.

We were told by sales account rep Nicholas Kepka Calvetti, “Sometimes customers will use the gift card to bring in lunch for their teams,” which seems like a great thing to do.

But this week, our account rep Shane Beaton shared with us a heart-warming story about his customer who received a gift card. It seems our bakery customer Bisousweet Confections is every bit as sweet as their name.

What happened was, the owner of Bisousweet, Karen Collins, had a new employee who was doing her best the first week on the job as a dishwasher for the bakery. To acknowledge that effort, Karen gave the cash card to the new employee, thinking it might be a supportive gesture. The recipient was thankful… but said the card would be given to a friend who was having a hard time and could use the help.

Kindness, generosity. Paying it forward. Being so sweet.

We love this story and can’t help but wonder how far this card and others might go toward making the world just a little bit smaller, kinder and warmer.

A glimpse at the Bisousweet business, from their website

For more information about our referral program, please check in with your sales account exec or customer service rep.

3 thoughts on “Amherst Label Referral Program Shares the Love

  1. I absolutely love working with Amherst. My contact, Dawn Mahoney, is the absolute greatest. She is always so very proactive when working on my jobs. I know it takes an entire team and I appreciate that. However, the face of Amherst, to me, will always be Dawn!

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