Saluting Veterans

At Amherst Label we believe, “Every label tells a story.” And for Veterans Day, 11/11, we have the privilege of printing a terrific label telling a story we are proud to share.

NOTE: This story was originally published in 2019 but we’ve added the 2021 label produced by Concord Craft Brewing with the following message: Thank you to all those who have served and currently serve our country. This batch is for you!

US Coast Guard Veteran Doug Bogle brewed a unique batch of American Pale Ale for the upcoming national holiday. The label reads, “Thank you to all those who have served our country. This batch is for you.” THREE CHEERS for Doug and Concord Craft Brewing, and here’s one more toast to celebrate Veterans Day… CHEERS!

The story of Veterans Blend and American Pale Ale

Beer starts with hops. And this beer celebrating Veterans starts with Veterans Blend hops. 

Concord Craft Brewing Co.’s American Pale Ale begins with a special Veterans Blend sold by Yakima Chief Hops company located in Yakima, Washington. Last summer, Yakima announced its 2nd Annual Veterans Blend and encouraged the brewing of “celebratory beers” using it. A portion of each Yakima sale benefits a Veterans support group; this year the Wounded Warriors Project was chosen. Last year $24,000 was donated to the Semper Fi Fund from Veterans Blend sales. “Connecting heroes from field to pint,” Yakima’s program reaps benefits throughout the brewing process… from farmers growing hops, to hops suppliers, to brewers to label printers to consumers.

The head brewer at Concord Craft Brewing is Doug Bogle, a 27-year veteran of the Coast Guard. According to the company’s owner Dennis Molnar, “Doug has brewed something with the Yakima Vets Blend the last two years.” Formerly, Doug flew helicopters and C130s in the Coast Guard and sums up his military career as “a great life.” He “flew helicopters up and down both coasts.” While stationed in San Francisco, Doug got into beer at a brew-on-the-premises place where he and friends made some Coast Guard named beers for fun. After retirement and some time in corporate America, Doug decided he wanted to brew beer for a living. “Beer is great,” says Doug. “But the Coast Guard was greater.” With his background, Doug is just the kind of brewer Yakima wants to reach with Veterans Blend.

Dennis says Doug’s 2019 American Pale Ale is a “light style beer with ample use of hops that gives a unique almost floral aroma… a fruity, earthy flavor, surprisingly complex and not bitter. The use of hops throughout the process, the light malt body and unfiltered soft finish are what make this style uniquely American.”

The ale’s packaging pays tribute to the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard amid patriotic stars and stripes. Amherst Label’s Digital Department is excellent for high-quality, quick turnaround projects of various sizes. In Dennis’ words, “We love working with local suppliers but won’t compromise on quality, service or price. So Amherst Label has been a great labeling partner, delivering the highest quality even on tight timelines and budgets.”

With the labels printed on Monday, we can all join in saluting and supporting Veterans by raising a can of Concord Craft Brewing’s American Pale Ale made from Veterans Blend. Says Dennis, “We are rolling it out this weekend so it will be available for Veterans Day, this Monday, November 11.”

Proud to be a Veteran-owned company

Amherst Label’s owner, President Nick Calvetti, was once Private Calvetti, specialist 5th class in the U.S. Army.

We are proud to be veteran-owned, we salute all veterans on Veterans Day and everyday!

Below, Amherst Label Pressman Mark Brouillet runs the Veteran-Owned Business custom labels for the Veteran-to-Veteran Benefit Package. The label is a 2.5 inch circle flexo printed full-color on coated stock.


Amherst Label is proud of our veterans.

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Looking Back: Nick Calvetti, US Army Ret.

Amherst Label owner Nicholas E. Calvetti, Jr., was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1969 during the Viet Nam era. He had just finished his formal education in the field of accounting at Bentley College and the University of Colorado. With both a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree, he was eventually assigned to the finance corps but started out training as a medic, learning how to dispense shots and care for injuries.

In the finance corps, Nick achieved the rank of specialist 5th class—the approximate equivalent of a sergeant— and served for two years using his background in inventory and accounting.

Private Calvetti was stationed at Fort Richardson Army base, neighbor to Elmendorf Air Force base in Anchorage, Alaska, a long way from his roots in Milford, New Hampshire. He had no trouble making friends because, according to Nick’s recollection, the other soldiers thought “finance meant payroll, so finance people were popular with the troops.” It didn’t matter that Nick had nothing to do with payroll in his job in inventory in the Px and commissary. He remembers working in a small office with two civilian office workers. And to add to his army pay, Nick had an extra job doing custodial work in the command center, keeping trash cans emptied and floors clean.

“We are proud to be Veteran-owned and prouder still to work with other Veterans,” says Nick Calvetti.

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