Amherst Label’s commitment to learning

Ben Franklin commented nearly 250 years ago, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” As a printer and business person, Franklin might be astounded at the technological advancements in the business world today. Never has the world changed so fast with so many opportunities (demands!) to learn new things. What we learn today may be obsolete in five years so it’s vital that we keep developing new skills.

As students head “back to school” in September, here are four ways Amherst Label is demonstrating our commitment to learning.

1&2- New video series: There’s a lot to a label produced through high school internship program

This spring when Milford High School was hosting an intern and career fair for area employers and students, Amherst Label participated. We were looking for high-energy students to fill three internship openings. Although two positions went unfilled, we did meet an outstanding student with an interest in video production. The goal of the internship was to begin producing in-house videos using Adobe Premier, editing software our marketing team hadn’t yet mastered.

In eight short weeks, intern Taylor Austin helped produce three videos—one for social media, one for in-house training, and one for educating customers and new employees about the label business. “The only way we would be happier with the results is if we could keep Taylor year-round and produce more,” says her manager Ruth Sterling. The benefits of internships to both the students and the managers is something Amherst Label understands.

Helping people understand labels is the aim of our new video series called, “There’s a Lot to A Label.” In the first 3-minute video, Nye Hornor explains the ins and outs of label ordering. Taylor Austin, a student at Milford High School, produced the video as a summer intern teaching us some video editing techniques.

3- In-house education

Amherst Label’s Painted Picture guides the company’s progress and highlights the importance of improvement and learning. In-house classes take place throughout the year. In August, our IT provider presented eye-opening lessons in internet safety and Cybersecurity.

Providing the highest degree of protection for customer data was one aspect of the Cybersecurity class at Amherst Label presented by Ray Benoit of RTM Communications in August.

4- Sponsoring Chamber of Commerce Education series

Pictured at a recent Chamber education program are Education Chair Emily Aborn, SVCC’s Wendy Hunt and Amherst Label’s Ruth Sterling, three members of the Chamber’s Education Committee.

Amherst Label Owner Nick Calvetti has a fondness for the adage, “Learn something new every day.” That fondness is how Wendy Hunt was able to convince Nick to sponsor the Souhegan Valley Chamber’s 2019-20 education series. Amherst Label’s marketing manager, Ruth Sterling, serves on the Chamber’s education committee because she too is a lifelong learner. The committee Chair, Emily Aborn, founder of “She Built This,” recently commented on her commitment to education:

“With the way information is available to us today, it’s a truly amazing thing to be able to access learning at almost any time we wish and in such a variety of different areas. It is my mission to inspire and educate those whom I interact within a variety of different ways. I want to help people succeed. It is my own love for learning and sharing the knowledge I gain that inspires me to run She Built This as well as sit as Chairperson of the Education Committee at the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce. Some of the upcoming Chamber events include sessions on Sales, Marketing, Wellness, Personal Development, HR Issues and more. I believe that no matter what your aim is, education and the pursuit of knowledge will get you there.”

Check out Emily’s website for more information about She Built This.
Learn more about Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce Education series sponsored by Amherst Label

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